How to Take Care of Your Washer and Dryer

Your washer and dryer are indispensible, as well as changing them is expensive. Cleansing your washer and dryer and also taking proper treatment of them will help extend their lives and also maintain them in excellent running order.

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To tidy bathtub interiors, make use of pure citric acid crystals, which you can find in grocery stores as well as drugstores. Doing so eliminates natural resource, lime, and soap buildup, every one of which influence the pump's operation.

Load your primary soap cup and afterwards run the washer. If you locate rust stains inside the tub, attempt an expertly installed plastic bathtub lining prior to thinking about replacement.

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You could make momentary patch-ups on small nicks in the porcelain where rusting occurs with a bit or 2 of enamel paint or clear nail polish. A far better remedy is a porcelain repair service kit made for tubs, offered at your neighborhood hardware store.


Clean the lint display in your clothes dryer thoroughly after every tons. In addition to making the dryer job extra-hard, dryer lint is a huge fire threat. As a result, you ought to clean up the dryer air duct a minimum of twice a year.

The most convenient methods of cleaning up a brief dryer duct is with a dryer air duct cleansing brush, which resembles a mini version of exactly what a chimney sweeper would make use of.